Dust Sensor

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Dust Sensor, A simple Air Monitor

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Sharp GP21010AU0F PM2.5 DETECTOR Compact Optical Dusto Sensor Module Air Monitor


  • Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F onboard, detecting fine particle larger than 0.8μm in diameter, even like the cigarette smoke
  • Low power consumption, analog voltage output, the output level is linear with dust density
  • Embedded voltage boost circuit to support wide range of power supply


  • Sensitivity : 0.5V/(100μg/m3)
  • Measurement range : 500μg/m3
  • Power : 2.5V~5.5V
  • Operating current : 20mA(max)
  • Operating temperature : -10℃~65℃
  • Storage temperature : -20℃~80℃
  • Life time : 5 years
  • Dimension : 63.2mm×41.3mm×21.1mm
  • Mounting holes size : 2.0mm
  • Air hole size : 9.0mm


  • Air purifier
  • Air conditioner
  • Air monitor
  • PM2.5 Detector

How to Use

In the case of working with a MCU:

  • VCC ↔ 2.5V ~ 5.0V
  • GND ↔ GND
  • AOUT ↔ MCU.IO (analog output)
  • ILED ↔ MCU.IO (module driving pin)


Package Contains


Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc. Click here to download


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