Bluetooth 2.0 Master, UART Interface


Bluetooth module for UART interface, master/host mode

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  • Bluetooth Master UART Board × 1

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Bluetooth Master UART Board Host Wireless Transceiver Kit


The Bluetooth Master UART Board provides bluetooth solution for adding wireless capability to your development system. It is suit for applications where wireless bluetooth data transmission is needed. The Bluetooth Master UART Board works in master/host mode.

We provide both Bluetooth Master UART Board (aka, the Master Module) and Bluetooth Slave UART Board (aka, the Slave Module), each of them works in single mode only. It is impossible to switch working mode for the module. The white spot on the top indicates a Master Module.

For establishing communication, there’re something should be noted:

  • it requires a Master Module and a Slave Module to communicate with each other
  • Master Module communicate with our Slave Module only
  • Master Module cannot communicate with Master Module
  • Slave Module is capable to communicate with PC or mobile devices which features bluetooth capability
  • Slave Module cannot communicate with Slave Module

The Master Module embeds the same AT command set with the Slave Module, expect one – the AT+NAME command, which is not embedded in the Master Module.

Both the Master Module and Slave Module are designed to use 3.3V power supply only. Be careful to use voltage translators (series connects a 1K resistor) on communication lines when connecting it to 5V systems.


BC417, UART interface


Check out the compatibility between “Accessory Boards” and “Development Boards”

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  • Bluetooth Master UART Board × 1